What is the rotary terrain select dial in your Jeep?

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What Are the Jeep Selec-Terrain® Modes and Features?

Jeep models, from the Compass to the Grand Cherokee, are available with a four-wheel-drive system, and many also include Selec-Terrain®. You can recognize Selec-Terrain® by its unique dial typically located in the center console. This dial includes modes like snow, mud, and more. What are the Jeep Selec-Terrain® modes and features? We can cover that for you and dive into each mode in detail.

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What are the selectable driving modes in Jeep 4×4 systems?

In all, there are four selectable driving modes with an additional auto mode. We will go through all five of them below to give you the full picture. Learn what modes are perfect for what situations.


Many buy a vehicle with four-wheel drive purely because they want to have better handling in the snow. With snow mode, you get the ultimate in traction on the slipperiest of surfaces with equal torque distribution to all four wheels.


Sand can actually be trickier than snow. It isn’t slippery, but it can suck your SUV in making getting stuck easy. To prevent this, this sand mode adjusts your throttle management and torque distribution to reduce wheel slip.


Mud is similar to sand, but it can be even more treacherous. To reduce that chance of your Jeep ending up at the bottom of a mud hole, this mode works to reduce wheel spin so that you never lose the vital traction that you need to keep going.


Do you have rocks to conquer? Then this is the mode for you. This will shift your 4×4 system right into low mode and utilize other available features like hill descent control and locking axles to push your Jeep up and over those difficult rock obstacles.


Lastly, we have auto mode. This just takes care of everything for you. It’s best used for everyday driving. If you don’t know the ideal mode for your current situation, then auto mode will be your best bet.

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