White 2020 Dodge Durango

Get a Closer Look at the 2020 Dodge Durango!

Video Featuring the 2020 Dodge Durango House of Power

Here at Desert 215 Superstore, one of our most popular models is the Dodge Durango. It’s easy to see why! This large SUV is a great choice for families and adventurers because of its large size with additional seating and cargo space. And it has an incredible amount of power so you can bring your toys along! Don’t believe us? Watch the video below to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

Find Everything on this “I Spy” List When You Visit a Car Show!

Ultimate Car Show “I Spy” Game

One of the best things about living in Las Vegas is that we have nice temperatures almost all year round and that we have a desert climate. While this may mean using a little more Chapstick and hand lotion, it spells out the perfect place to own a classic car because you don’t need to worry about rust! The Las Vegas area regularly has car shows that you can attend and see models from bygone eras. To make your next car show excursion more fun, we wanted to share this “I Spy” checklist with you! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

"A Dust Storm is On the Way" with dust storm image in background

What to Do When You Encounter a Dust Storm on the Road

Tips for Driving During a Dust Storm 

We are all familiar with the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and the huge black blizzards that ensued during the Great Depression. Today, these storms are not as common thanks to improved and sustainable agricultural methods, though it is possible to encounter one in Nevada, along with the Southwest and nearby Great Plains. Experiencing a dust storm while you are road tripping is very dangerous, so here are some tips to help you out:  Read the rest of this entry >>

Mechanic working on a vehicle's CV joint

Spring Into the New Season with Some High-Quality Service and Maintenance!

Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Vehicle Spring Season Preparation Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Here in Las Vegas, it usually feels more like spring during the traditional winter months, but if you are planning to do some road tripping during the coming season, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is conditioned to handle unpredictable weather. Read the rest of this entry >>

Red 2020 Jeep Gladiator

Re-Watch the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Super Bowl Commercial!

2020 Super Bowl Commercial with the Jeep Gladiator and Bill Murray

Here at Desert 215 Superstore, we feel kind of bad that we almost forgot about Groundhog Day because we were so excited about the Super Bowl. Luckily, Jeep reminded us thanks to its stunning commercial that featured Bill Murray re-playing his role from one of his most famous films. We thought that the commercial featuring the Jeep Gladiator was by far one of the best commercials from the Super Bowl and we are excited to share it here on our blog for you to watch again. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas, NV

What are Some of the Natural Wonders Near Las Vegas that You Should Make Time for?

Best Natural Wonders to Explore Near Las Vegas

Here at Desert 215 Superstore, we understand that Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the U.S. and we are always excited to find out where people are coming from. However, we always become disheartened when tourists are only interested in which hotel they are staying at, which buffets to hit up, and which shows they are going to see. Las Vegas is so much more than neon, entertainment, and gambling – it is surrounded by some really gorgeous natural wonders that are worth exploring! Here are some of our favorite places to check out when you want to get away from the lights and noise: Read the rest of this entry >>

Front grille of a 2020 Jeep Compass

Check Out Some of the Jeep Vehicles in This New Video!

Adventures from the Lineup with Jeep Video

Here in Las Vegas, we may not be near the ocean, but we sure love our Jeep vehicles! These surfers do as well as they talk about their adventures out on the waves and how their Jeep model has helped with transporting their beloved surfboards and getting them to their favorite locations. Check out the video below to get a closer look! Read the rest of this entry >>